Bits And Pieces
Syllables are dumb,
Syllables make you spell words,
We use them a lot,
Sometimes syllables are good because they make you think.
Numbers are important,
You use them everyday,
In schools, in stores,
At home and at play.
Numbers are in math,
Numbers are in money.
Numbers, are Very important!   Loretta
Smoggy skies
Smoke stacks working
People wearing gas masks
            Oil floating      Bruce
My Class is...
                bad a little bit,
                sometimes a little too noisy or loud,
                some people who don’t do anything and
                some people who don’t stay in line.
     My Baby Brother
My baby brother is a pest,
But other times, he’s the
Now that he’s two and three
He’ll sting me like a bee.      Jeff N.
L I F E ... is ,worth living,
                to run around and be free.
L I F E ... is being able to play with all your friends,
                to learn something new each day!       Leslie
Dear Teacher,
     I like my class and everything, but once in a while I get mad
at what you do, ... once in a while I have difficulties,... once in
a while school feels like a prison...but when I put it all to-
gether I am really lucky to have you for a teacher.       Loretta
I like my teacher because
Friday he took my arm and said,
“Stay out of trouble this weekend,”
                 ...He cares about me.      James R.
L I F to me, a few things,
              important things like...
                                          Going to school, 
                                          having fun,
                                          yelling at people who make you mad,
                                          and having good parents and a nice home.        Loretta
Why do some parents not want their children to play with other kids??      Darlene