Foreward, Credits, Afterward

     Nine months of working with my class on Frim Fram Wimzy has taught me one very important lesson...that the feelings and emotions of children are deep---deeper than I had ever imagined. The ideas which the children expressed through their writing kept me in a constant state of awe and amazement, and reading their work over and over again prompted me to question some of my own attitudes and beliefs. The world of my students is a unique and beautiful one, and it is my hope that the reader will approach this world with an open mind and heart.            Luke Duncan.
Frim Fram Wimzy has been the combined effort of:

     Bethany, Todd             Busto, Bruce              Caputo, Jami
     Carey, Joyann              Cirillo, Debbie           Conyers, Darlene
     Cook, Louise               De Jaeger, Marc        Eger, Leslie
     Fritz, Karen                 Glenn, David              Guadagno, Pat
     Hobbs, Marie              Hocker, Jeff               Johnson, Stephen
     Jones, Stephen            Levine, Sherry            Lewis, Debbie
     Mahorn, Angelo          Marchant, Randi         McGhee, Tracy
     Mower, John               Newfield, Jeff             Nixon, James
     Pappas, Anette            Reed, James               Riley, Steve
     Ruble, Philip                Smith, Cindy              Snyder, Dana
     Stalling, Lawrence       Urfer, Loretta             Van Laningham, John

Artwork:       Philip Ruble        Steve Riley         Dana Snyder

Special thanks must be given to Miss Grace Nixon for her many hours at the typewriter

      Writing this book has been a challange. At the onset myh intention was to use it as a language arts project but soon after we began it became evident that the project could not be confined to the area of language arts. The social studies; sciences and humanities provided unlimited resources for the students to express themselves through the written word. I challange elementary teachers who read Frim Fram Wimzy to try writing a book with their class. The children will love the challange and the rewards the teacher receives are immeasurable.             Luke duncan.