Nature Speaks
All was quiet and still,
As the blanket of snow came All the
trees became white.
Plants and animals, Nature produced both of them, be kind
to all things!
Poor leaves on the trees,
They get blown off the trees...
                       to the ground.        Marc
Have you ever wondered what nature looked like? Well,... itís very pretty, it has in it trees, flowers,
and animals,
But, what would happen if they would all die off
and dissapear,
Then what would we look for when we want to see something pretty?
I planted a seed
I watered it.... then
                   it grew.
A new life has begun!   Karen
Leaves fall in autumn.
   A sign that winter will come
       Blooming back in spring.    Karen
green and red,
sparkling in the morning dew. They are beautiful!      Bruce
Rustling in the wind,
    Smiling in the sunny days, Frowning in the winter.    Dana
         LARGE and small,
Some DiFfErEnT and some alike.
All leaves some in a way.        Todd

God made nature NATURE
              to enjoy,
         Not to destroy!
Steve R.