Short Stories

                                                                     very good
                                                                    a mean dog
                                                               he’s nice to people
                                                                       big dog

     Once upon a time there was a dog that was not mean. It was a boy dog and a dog that liked the boys. One day, a boy and the dog went into the woods and in the woods there were some pigs-- wild pigs. They went after the boy, but the dog had gone somewhere. Some of the pigs bit and bit and bit the boy. The dog came along and jumped on the pigs to stop the boy from being hurt. the boy was feeling better.
     One day a wolf came at the house in the yard and some people were outside. The boy and the dog came along. The dog fought the wolf and got a disease from it. They had to put the dog in a cave and he got mean. The little boy went out to see the dog. He climbed the fence, but the dog was so mean he was going to bite the boy. The parents couldn’t find the boy in his bed, so they went outside and found the boy trying to climb the fence. They got the shotgun and shot the dog!                             Lawrence Stalling
                                                             The Sun and the Moon

     Sammy Sun was on the job as usual, but in his state, he shouldn’t have been out at all. He had a very bad cold, and was tired, but of course he stayed on the job.
      Martin Moon was feeling very up to date so he just slept. The Sun had almost fallen asleep and when he say Martin he flow into a rage. “You sleep while I almost die of a cold.” The Moon blurted back, “Well I never get any time to do moon shining so it’s fair.” the Sun said, “Why don’t we split the day so you get twelve hours and I get twelve hours.” So they did. Now the Mood and the Sun are friends. (Moral: Be even in work, and think about others.)                                          Dana Snyder
                                                                      The Invasion

One day a twelve year old boy was walking through the woods and he heard a noise. It was kind of a ringing. He pushed open some bushes and on the other side there was a spaceship. He crept up to it and went inside. There was a human fly at the controls. The fly turned around. He walked toward the boy. Tom, the boy, turned and tried to run but there was another fly. The second fly said, “It is conplete.” Tom asked “What is?” The first fly said, “The destruction of the world-- and you are a perfec specimen for our zoo on Venus.”       Todd B.