Kitty "What Was That" Device

     This device has a myriad of uses. It is cheap and easy to use. The best part is that you can affect kitty from quite a distance leaving the kitty possibly disoriented and wondering “what was that?”.

     You will need a couple of items;

          a.  a good multicolored, lightweight clear liquid ejector. these are usually found in most high tech resale                outlets and are made exclusively of plastic in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors.
          b. as with the C E D you will need a good supply of clear, clean liquid that freezes at 32 F and consists of 2               units of Hydrogen attached to one unit of oxygen.

     Once filled, you can aim the ejector device at kitty usually from quite a distance and let kitty have it. Usually this works best if it is done in moderation, since kitty will probably jump up and look around wondering “what was that?”.

      The thicker the barrage becomes the more likely kitty will come running to you for help. The hardest part of using this tool is learning to keep a straight face as kitty looks to you for help and guidance to achieve deliverance from the terrible ogre that would do this to them.

     If this happens, you may find it comforting to speak in a soothing voice asking kitty “what was that?”, “why, how did you get wet?”, “did some terrible person squirt you?”.