Kitty Relocater (Ground)

     The Kitty Relocater (Ground) is similar to the Kitty Relocater (Air).

     The Kitty Relocater (Ground) is used when Kitty is needed to approach something that it does not want to approach. For example, when it is time for kitty to go to the Vet does kitty approach kitty carrier? No Way. And I’m tellen’ you that your aim has to be pretty good to use the Air version for the kitty box. Also, maybe you have purchased a new kitty food and kitty not only won’t approach but applies the drop dead look. Naturally you hold out that kitty just needs it’s face shoved in it to see that it really does like it.

     Application of the Kitty Relocater (Ground) is simple;

                          a. put kitty in close proximity of unapproachable item
                          b. attain good hold on kitty
                          c. lie to kitty as you drag him nearer saying; “nice kitty kitty” and “you’ll like it”
                          d. repeat steps a thru c until success or you give up
                               (most kitties resist simply because you want them to go there)

CAUTION: Application of this Relocater can result in offensive language (loud). You may want to relocate the children before attempting it. Also, you may experience accupuncture and the results from rear end slicer activation. If success is not achieved it is recommended that a suitable time period is observed before attempting to apply ANY of the other Kitty Tools or other VARIATIONS.

WARNING: Success may be achievable once or twice. However, remember that kitty’s job is to infuriate not cooperate. And you are dealing with a pet with a good memory!