Kitty Relocater (Air)

     Kitty Relocater (Air) is pretty much what it sounds like.

     This tool is used when kitty needs more motivation than just a Kitty Motivater can provide. It is quite usefull when kitty is at the door wanting out and a secondary kitty is in the right-of-way.

     Simply using a Kitty Motivater will probably result in failure no matter which kitty it is applied to in this situation.

     The application of the Kitty Relocater (Air) is simple;

               a. Pick up kitty in need of relocation.
               b. Aim the kitty
               c. Toss the kitty in the direction of new location desired.

     LEARNING POINT: If desired, you wish to prove that kitty is agile enough to land on itís feet, simply                                        employ a bit of English to kitty as you toss.

     CAUTION: As with the Kitty Motivater, the application strength usually varies directly with the                            unhappiness level of tosser towards kitty at the time.

     CAUTION: The unhappiness level of tosser towards the kitty ALWAYS has an effect on the relocation                            target area. There are certain areas kitty should not be relocated?

                                               a. right next to dog.
                                               b. in the water.
                                               c. on top of other kitty ..............