Kitty Respondance Effort

     What exactly is a Kitty Respondence Effort?

     This is the effort you put forth when you wish kitty to grace you with it’s prrrrrresence. Most people identify with this as kitty’s name. Most people feel it is very important to give kitty an appropriate name. And there are thousands of names that fit the kitty bill. The real trick is to match the name of the kitty to what the kitty looks like. For example, fluffy would work for a kitty who’s fur is thick and fluffy. Snowball is always good for a cat that is at least mostly white.

     The rules are to look at the kitty and pick out attributes that stand out;

               a. color of kitty (blackie, shadow......)
               b. fur thickness (fluffy, baldie...)
               c. strange shapes that appear out of colors(a heart, spots....)
               d. whether or not kitty has missing appendages(tripod, bob.....)
               e. inclination where it eliminates waste (purrinator, logger......)

     However, if you want kitty to actually come to you when you call it then FORGET about using any of the above.

     Don’t BOTHER to give it a name, just yell out “here kitty kitty kitty”.

     Just ask your friends what they do to call their kitty. Watch your neighbors when they come out to find the furball. Almost without exception, the only call kitty will answer is “here kitty kitty”. And don’t mistake the failure to answer the “here kitty kitty” call to be a need to use a real kitty name. This is just a ploy by kitty to irritate you because it knows you want or need it’s presence.

     This can be proven especially with owners of black cats. Wait until it’s dark, go out and call kitty but be sure to bring a flashlight. Once when kitty refuses to answer, use the flashlight and you will probably find the little fuzzball laying in the yard somewhere close, giving you the Kitty Drop Dead Look and the Kitty Finger.