Cat Eradication Device

This is a device used to encourage Kitty not to frequent an area where it is not wanted.

It is very difficult to get next to, let alone capture a kitty unless it is yours. Until now the only recourse was to yell at and chase the offender away. But now, thanks to the C E D, there is a choice.

There are a few things you will need: (can be found at most High Tech outlets)

    1. A storage unit composed of rubber, usually found in spherical or elongated shapes and used to         store helium or carbon dioxide.*

    2. A supply of clear liquid which freezes at 32 F. and is made up of 2 Hydrogen atoms combined         to 1 Oxygen atom.

    3. A good supply of patience, good aim, and general knowlege of when kitty will be in the         offending position.


     1. Fill the storage unit with the clear liquid being careful not to exceed the storage units capacity.          Tie the end of the storage unit in a knot.

     2. Being careful to stay out of sight of the kitty;
                    a. get as close as possible
                    b. take aim
                    c. throw C E D as close to kitty as possible This device gives kitty a good memory of                         where not to roost.  

* A condom will produce a SAFE C E D.

C. E. D.