Kitty Attention Focuser (Attached)

     The Kitty Attention Focuser is a tool that is used to gain Kitty’s attention, and as named is attached.

     What is the use of such a device?

     Well, say you are vegging in front of the TV and you observe kitty. Being bored and wanting to play with kitty without getting up, you will need something to gain kitty’s attention. What better than some small toy (stuffed mouse...) tied to the end of a string.

     You will need a couple of items;

                    a. a string (the longer the better)
                    b. a small toy (stuffed mouse?)

     Just tie the small toy to the string and with a bit of practice you will be able to hit(tossing the toy) anyplace within your strings reach and then slowly pull it back. This may seem a bit boreing but with a little thought can get very interesting. Say, wait for a family member to fall asleep on the couch and you lure the kitty on top of them! Nothing nicer than awaking to a cat pouncing on you.

     Also, if kitty is lounging out and is within reach you can get a suprise rise out of him if your aim is precise. Don’t forget to draw it over the tables and chairs since there is nothing like a dangeling toy to catch a cat with.