Kitty Motivater

     A Kitty Motivater is a tool that was designed exclusively for single cat applications.

     However, it can be used to break up a multiple cat problem by adjusting one cat at a time.

     To properly apply a Kitty Motivater, you should position yourself behind the offending cat, put your weight on one foot while applying the side of the other foot gently to the rear end of the cat. It may take several practical applications to be able to gain the desired effect from kitty. Remember, kitty’s job is not to cooperate, but to infuriate.

     A Kitty Motivater can also be applied to the front end of kitty, foot placed just under chin and above the front legs.

CAUTION: This position should not be used unless wearing long pants and shoes or kitty may apply                      accupuncture and possibly activate rear end slicer.

CAUTION: Application of Kitty Motivater must be done carefully, it seems that the strength of application is                      directly proportional to the level of unhappiness the person is attributing to the kitty at the time. This                      could result in kitty gaining unwanted altitude!