We Reach Out
     Life is like a surprise box! Every decision you
make has you do something different, because one little
thing may cause life or death.
     Life is one big ADVENTURE. Every second could
change your life or make something wonderful or horrible
happen. who knows what to really expect?? Life is
Mainly JOY!!                                      Steve Riley
To me life seems to be beautiful,
To be alive,
Is something to thank GOD for,
Life means great things to everybody.
Life Life, to me, is something BEAUTIFUL. To LIVE is to
be FREE,... that’s the way I see it. Anyway, what’s the
use of LIFE if it’s not free???                     Jeff Hocker
What’s in a word --- Life?
Life is full of dreams,
Love and seeing things.    Louise
         Breathing, running,
      And moving around.
   Being yourself,
And living a good life.       James N
Life is a thing that is given to you empty and black, and in the little 
while you have it you should try to fill it and make it like a RAINBOW.         Jeff N.
Life is Wonderful.
It is like a kite
To go Up and Up and Up!                           Todd
Life is a walk on the beach,
          a home in Wyoming,
          life on a farm,
          picking corn or apples
                on a sunny day,
         a smile that always says,
         “Hey! -- Hi you!”
Life means,
               I can
                                                   and dance.
                                                              has its consequences,
                                                            the one we pay for, birth,
                                                          and an ugly ending...........
                                                        How come LIFE is a four-letter
                                                                          word???                     Philip