We The Children
Some people feel bad, some people feel good,
Some people feel bad because other people talk about them
Because they donít dress good and they donít fix their hair good!           Lawrence
Why do people hurt other people?
People hurt other people because they want something that another person has
so they might steal it. Also, Thieves, when they rob a store, might shoot
the clerk. This also hurts the consumer because the store manager might raise
the prices to pay for the stolen items.          Todd
Very strange
Talking very rapidly
Different moods, sad; happy,
                 All different         Todd
People are big, little,
Short, tall, fat skinny,
Red, yellow, black, and white,
It doesnít make any difference
We should all be accepted.
People are big or little,
Short or tall,
People are black or white
Arenít we all......Alike??     Jeff N.
All kinds
White and black
All over the world
                  All over   Debbie L.
Very smart
Running on sidewalks
Feeling like going shopping
                   Rich people         Jeff H.
Theyíre strong
They are very careful
                They take care of women. James R.
If I
were my
I would
be just
She is!    Cindy
If I were my mother, I would be
just like her. She is a beautiful
mother. I have freedom, as much
as I want, and I am not a brat. I
have manners, and I am not a slob.
Iím clean because I have a beautiful
    MOTHER!       Debbie L.