Kitty Attention Focuser (Unattached)

     The Kitty Attention Focuser (UnAttached) is a simpler, cheaper and much more common version of the Kitty Attention Focuser (Attached).

     There are any number of toys on the market. Any Grocery store will have a good selection. Of course a pet store will have the best selection of toys including the top of the line prices. FORGET ALL OF THEM.

     The kitty will avoid any cat toy like the plague. That is unless you attach them to a Kitty Attention Focuser string.

     The best object to use as a Kitty Attention Focuser (UnAttached)? The O ring off of a plastic jug (milk, soda). Just slide it across the floor in front of kitty and he will go nuts for it. The only other thing I have found to work better is a Super Ball. However, you have to buy these and they are usually difficult to find when they get lost. But, if you want to see the best reaction out of the kitty, bounce a superball in front of them.

     Keep in mind that kitty brakes do not work on hard floors, so if you coax kitty into chasing a Focuser fast enough there will probably be a wreck! Also, this is where extra kitties pay off. If you are good you can get more than one kitty interested at once in one Focuser from different positions. Kitties donít pay attention to what other kitties are doing. This can result in an excellent multi kitty collision.