Mexican Cat-Off Eliminater

     What is a Mexican Cat-off?

     Well, Bill Cosby may have explained it best when he said “You aren’t a true parent unless you have at least two children”. This way, when one child does something, you have to figure out which one did it. (He did it......Uh-Uhhhhhh did not) Well, just as it takes two children to get into certain situations, it takes two kitties to achieve the most irritating type of situations.

     OK. A Mexican cat-off occurs when one kitty blocks the movement of a second. You’ve probably seen it when you open the door to let one out and the other is sitting right there DOING NOTHING but is greatly satisfied at causing your dilemma. Actually you would think that two cats that grew up together from kittens could accomplish a close pass by? What’s the width of an outside door? 3 feet? FORGET IT!

     At this point you may be tempted to apply a Kitty Motivater. Usually this will only result in the first cat’s refusing to proceed and will turn around and not go out. However, if you apply the Kitty Motivater to the offending cat it will solve the blockage, but the first cat will probably act like it took too long and turn around anyway! (or it just wanted you to open the door)

     The best method for solving this is to use the Kitty Relocater (air). You will have to apply this to the first cat making sure to relocate it clear of the offending cat. This way the offending cat can come in and be a pain for a while.